Building more websites…

Been spending time recently building a new website for the Canvas Brothers. It has been down for the better part of two months and we were in dire need of an online presence to sell our canvas and photo print work. I think it was pretty quick and easy to make this Bobrow Brothers site, so I decided to try it for the canvas site too.

I’m still learning the WordPress platform, but so far I like what I see. It’s relatively intuitive to make changes and there are many templates to choose from. I’ve tried some of the other site builders like “Wix” that seem to be a little more geared toward large graphics and “portfolio” type content but the WYSIWYG interface doesn’t do it for me when you cross browsers. It would look fine in Firefox but be all different in Safari. Although WordPress is geared towards Blog posting and “wordy” content, I think I prefer it for the number of tools and free templates they offer. I’m sure I’ll change my mind soon enough 😛